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 MedMarCo Operating Table


The Table is manufactured from a high quality stainless steel.

The electro-hydraulic driving mechanism is employed to assure quick and positive actuation of the table top.

A wide variety of posturing positions required for operations in different departments of surgery as shown in fig. (1).

As shown in ESA-20, 25 and 38 the table top width is made 60 cm or more to enhance the big weight patient stability.

Leg plate consisting of 2 legs plates, titling up, down and swiveled out wards (manual).

Remote control provided with (energize) red button. This red button must be depressed together with the respective function button to attain desired posturing and also to prevent risks of erroneous movement of the table top for more safety.

Technical Specifications (fig. 1)
Model A B C D E F G H I
Length cm Width cm Elevation cm Trenelenburg cm Tilting Degree Back Shoulder Degree Leg Plate Degree Driving Patient Weight kg
ESA-18 195  55 ±30 ±30 ±20° +70°-50° ±90° Electro, Mech., Hydraulic & Manual 180
ESA-20  200 60 ±35 ±35 ±20° +70°-50° ±90°  200
ESA-25 215 62 ±50 ±40 ±25° +70°-60° ±90° 250
ESA-38 215 65 ±50 ±40 ±25° +70°-60° ±90° 380

For same requirements we can provide the types of tables in fig. (1) With TROLLEY to transport the table top with patient to his room and return with table top to erect it on the COLUMN of the operating table.


* Power 220v + 12v Battery x 2 rechargeable
* Specifications shown are subject to change without notice for improvement purpose.

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